Cakephp – Tutorial #5: Your first Controller

CakePHPHI ! Today is a new day, and it’s time to talk about your first controller…

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Cakephp – Tutorial #4: The default Layout

CakePHP Today, it’s about the main Layout ! We’ll have a quick look on the file and how we can get a default page.




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Cakephp – Tutorial #3: CakePHP configuration

CakePHPHi there, it’s me again, talking about Cake 🙂

Today, we’ll have a look on CakePHP configuration: main config file called “core.php”, database config file named “database.php” and the routing file named “route.php”.

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Cakephp – Tutorial #2: Understand how CakePHP Works



Hi there,

Nice to see you again 🙂 Today, we’ll talk about a nice thing called: Model View Controller or MVC which is a general method to deal with information.

Let me explain how it works:

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Cakephp – Tutorial: Create you website structure #1

Hi there,

To start now, articles will be in English and will deal essentially with the Cakephp framework and other technologies which make life of Web developpers better. This post starts from the begining so… newbies, that’s here !

“Go go go” to CakePHP

Today, we’ll talk about the file structure preparation for CakePHP (if you missed the previous post where I introduce this tool, your can find it here – french article). To remind you, CakePHP is a RAD (Rapid Development) Framework. This post will help you to build the first structure you can re-use for all your projects !

Firstable, lets talk about tools:

CakePHP: our framework, without it, useless to go further –
Bootstrap: our CSS framework tool (very usefull) –
Response.js: the script used by Bootstrap for browsers compatibility –
css3-mediaqueries.min.js: used for browers compatibility;
html5shiv.js: used for browers compatibility.

Next post (today or next week :))

This was the start. In our next post, we’ll talk about:
– Bootstrap installation;
– All js instllation;
– Default view configuration (to use all Js and css scripts).


C U !